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6 companies following enterprise first try zhuji push "stock" performance

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Leaves HuanBaoSuo zhuji store 1309, director of the mouth. During his term, contributed to a meaningful thing, that's initiative a share-holding system in shaoxing, wastewater treatment. This novel is the sewage treatment plant for plating enterprise custom-made2. Zhuji store mouth 32 home town enterprise, such as auto parts the hardware, air-conditioning accessories, plumbing fittings etc products can be found here. Small hardware factory to local economic development, but with injecting vigor supporting following due to pollution, but for large people living in local reviled. In stores mouth, have six scale electroplating enterprise. A few years ago, the government put the fragmented lumped together, they form the shop mouth electroplating center. A savory joint-stock sewage treatment plant, which is in the foundation

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