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Yangjiang knife cut exports account for national 80 percent

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Has "the Chinese knife cut all" title in yangjiang city, guangdong were hardware knife cut last year, home to more than $13.3 enterprises total production knife cut across the country accounted for about 65%, exports accounted for about 85% of the export value of nationwide, 85 million yuan. Its product about 70 per cent of exports to the United States, Japan, the European Union, southeast Asia, more than 120 countries and regions. It is understood that after recent development, the city formed from the stainless steel strip steel smelting, knife cut machinery manufacturing, mould processing and fittings processing, logistics a comprehensive industrial chain link, formed the specialization and socialization cooperation and common development production pattern. Working staff about 10 million people, has a large number of technical personnel and skilled workers. Since 2001, held every year in yangjiang of China (yangjiang) international knife cut ?

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